By hiring or engaging Hashtag99, you agree that you abide by this Agreement and any additional that maybe offered to you by Hashtag99. Hahtag99 refers to a company registered as Kingdom possesions investments pty ltd T/A Hashtag99. A client is the party described as such an any application or service order executed between it and Hashtag99.

This Agreement provides for Hashtag99’s development and execution of marketing services for the Client.
The parties agree as follows.

  1. Definitions. Terms defined above have their assigned meanings and each of the following terms has the meaning assigned to it.

“Agreement” means this Agreement.
“Black Hat” means using spam-like methods focused on computers instead of human users to increase a website performance. Black Hat SEO tactics
include keyword stuffing, invisible text, and more.
“Business Day” means the usual work week of Monday through Friday, with the exception of all holidays.
“Down Payment” has the meaning assigned to it in Section 3.3.
“Effective Date” means the date listed in the preamble of this Agreement.
“Keyword” means words typed into a search engine by potential consumers of the client’s website and its related products and services.
“Website Content” means the words, graphics, video, or other immediately visible content when visiting a web page.
“White Hat” means using SEO methods focused on human users and based in accepted search engine guidelines to improve a website’s performance.
“Writing” means an e-mail or other written communication, such as attached documents, sent for the purpose of providing legal notice to either party.

  1. Hiring of Hashtag99.
    By signing the Agreement or ordering from Hashtag99, the Client hires Hashtag99 to provide services.
  2. Fees.
    3.1. Billing date. Hashtag99 bills you on the 27th of every month for all recurring services and a 10% penalty will be charged for late payment on a monthly basis till the outstanding amount is paid.
    3.2. Project Estimate. The monthly services are are recurring while once off services requires once off payment.
    3.3. First Payment. The Client shall pay the first Payment to Hashtag99 before the project is commenced.
    3.4. Invoices. Hashtag99 will bill you on the 27th of every month for all recurring services. Invoices shall include information relating to:
    a) the billing rate per month,
    b) the task list, and
    c) the total amount of the invoice

3.5. Payment. The Client shall pay Hashtag99 by online payment, debit order or via EFT. Payment must be received no later than 27th of every month.

  1. Hashtag99 digital marketing campaigns..
    4.1. Hashtag99 shall work with the Client to formulate an overall marketing, design or development for the service billed.

4.2. Keyword Selection. Hashtag99 may recommend additional Keywords to be added to the list for all digital marketing campaigns.
4.3. Back Links. Hashtag99 shall build a profile of back links to the Client’s website at URL. Hashtag99 shall provide the report to the Client at the
Client’s request or at the end of each month.
4.4. Code Analysis and Modification. Hashtag99 shall analyze the underlying code of the Client’s website and provide recommendations or
modifications to the code to improve the website’s performance in the selected search engines.
4.5. Search Analysis and Reports. Hashtag99 shall monitor website traffic, generate reports based on website traffic, and provide recommendations
and strategies to improve targeted traffic to the Client’s website. Hashtag99 may use various free or paid third party tools or applications as part of
this process.
4.6. Website Content Creation. Website Content creation is a large part of any search engine optimization endeavor. Hashtag99 will likely recommend the Client add additional Website Content to the Client’s website. The Client shall pay Hashtag99 the Rate stated above for Website Content creation.
Hashtag99 may also use a third party Website Content creation service to meet the Client’s Website Content needs.

  1. Client Obligations.
    5.1. Representations and Warranties. The Client represents and warrants as follows:
    a) The Client has not engaged in Black Hat SEO tactics at the website, URL, in an effort to gain traffic in the past.
    b) The Client has power and authority to sign, deliver, and perform this Agreement.
    c) The Client has taken all necessary action to authorize the signing, delivering, and performance of this Agreement.
    d) This Agreement has been duly signed by the Client, or its authorized representative or agent, and constitutes its legal, valid, and binding obligation. It is
    enforceable against the Client in accordance with its terms.
    5.2. Covenants. The Client covenants to:
    a) Provide administration or backend access to Hashtag99.
    b) Provide an email at the Client’s website, URL, for purposes of back link building or otherwise representing the Client for the purposes of SEO.
    c) Allow Hashtag99 to make changes to the website’s underlying code for the purpose of optimization.
    d) Provide Hashtag99 with a list of all third party developers of the website for the purpose of contacting them to improve the website’s performance in the search engines
    e) Provide Hashtag99 with electronic files of all promotional or branding materials, i.e., logos, graphics, etc., for the purpose of creating new promotional