Social media marketing

Social media marketing

As the best social media marketing company in South Africa Hashtag99 guarantees you results from your social media marketing. They do a thorough research on your target market and target only those who are potential customers. What I love about this Johannesburg company is that you only pay when they produce results from your social media marketing campaigns. The list of social media they use includes facebook, twitter, Linkedin, Google+, instagram, pintrest, etc Boosting your social media presence boost your ranking while making a lot of sales at the same time.

Are you tired of:

– Few likes
– No sales
– No money
– Expensive advertising
– Not ranking high
– Appearing so small on social media
– Social media marketing with no results

Do you want?

– Lots of sales
– A lot of money
– Cheap advertising
– Appearing big on social media
– Interacting with your potential customers on social media and build long term relationships that will result in high profits

What is social media marketing?

Social media marketing is advertising on social media platforms using paid and free ads. This also includes ad and content posting using third part softwares. The purpose being to inform, engage and convert. Examples of social media platforms are facebook, twitter, instagram, LinkedIn, pintrest etc

Types of social media platforms

Social media platforms include facebook, twitter, pintrest, google+, instagram, etc


How does social media marketing works?

With social media marketing you buy or acquire followers. Whenever you post an ad or content your followers and their friends will see your post. Some end up following you, some ends up visiting your site for more information, some will comment on your posts and some will end up buying from you. But for everything to go well and fast you need a social media marketing company that knows what works and what doesn’t work. This saves you money as social media marketing is time consuming.


Benefits of social media marketing

– Lots of sales
– Engagement with potential clients building permanent results
– Social media marketing converts followers into lifetime customers
– Social media informs the public of your services while they are where they spent most of their time
– Social media marketing saves you time and money
– Social media makes a lot of money with less capital as compared to traditional advertising

Why hashtag99 social media marketing

– Because Hashtag99 was voted in the top 10 best social media marketing companies in the world
– Because Hashtag99 guarantees their results. No results, no pay
– Because Hashtag99 has skilled and experienced social media marketing experts
– Because Hashtag99 knows what works and what doesn’t
– Because social media marketing consumes time and requires consistency
– Because they have proved that they can
– Easy to understand analytics reports for you to measure results vs investments

Social media packages

PackageSmall bizMedium BizLarge BizEnterprise
Frequency ratio2103050
Social media5 shares1575125
Press release135
Price /monthR1500R3500R7 500R15 000
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