Copywriting services

Hashtag99 is one of the best copywriting companies in South Africa. Based in Johannesburg their copywriting experts have won different awards in copy writing. Nomatter how many visitors your website receives, without copywriting your site remains a liability. The decision to buy on your site or to live your site all depends on how good your copywriting is. That is why you need the best copywriting company with sound knowledge on combining seo and copywriting. Seo will bring lots of visitors to your website and copywriting will convert visitors into customers.

Are you tired of:

– No sales
– No customers
– A website that doesn’t convert
– Not ranking high
– Content that doesn’t engage
– Plain content that is general
– Content that chases away customers

Do you want?

– To boost your sales
– To boost your clientele base
– a money making website
– content that goes viral
– content that builds trust
– content that talks to the inner being
– content that builds credibility
– content that answers the problems and questions of visitors without being asked
– Copywriting that converts a reader into a customer.

What is copywriting?

Copywriting is the research and writing content that is useful and informing to the reader and ends with a reader taking a certain action. The main goal of copywriting is for the reader to take a certain action.

How does copywriting works?

A copywriter thoroughly researches on a topic till he/she has a sound knowledge on that topic. A copywriter then writes content that engages the reader while answering questions the readers already have at the same time proposing a solution and the reasons why that solution can answer their problems. The copywriter then ends by encouraging the reader to take a certain action.

Benefits of copywriting services

– Copywriting boosts your sales
– Copywriting engages your visitors and according to Google the more time a visitor spent on your page the higher Google ranks your site.
– Copywriting converts your visitors into customers
– Copywriting builds credibility
– Copywriting provides useful content to your readers therefore adding value to your readers that results long term relationship
– Copywriting builds trust with your visitors
– Copywriting ensures that every visitor becomes a customer

Why hashtag99 copywriting services

– Hashtag99 copywriting boosts your sales
– Hashtag99 is the best copywriting company in South Africa
– Hashtag99 copywriting boost your clientele base
– Hashtag99 copywriting creates content that leads people to perceive you as the expert in your field
– Hashtag99 copywriting guarantees that your readers trust you as people do business with people they trust
– Hashtag99 has the qualified and experienced copywriting experts