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Hashtag99 is one of the best wordpress web design company in Johannesburg, South Africa. Hashtag99 remains the best choice when it comes to designing wordpress sites and blogs as they are the major contributors in the development of wordpress software itself. They are also the major player in developing wordpress themes which they sell on third part websites. With Hashtag99 what you will get is a wordpress website that ranks first, loads fast, looks beautiful while building trust with your clients.

Are you tired of:

– No money
– No customers
– A liability website
– Hard to update website
– Not ranking high website
– A wordpress website that chases away potential clients
– A wordpress site with no traffic

Do you want?

– A lot of money
– A wordpress website with Lots of traffic
– A wordpress website that ranks first on search engine
– A wordpress site that you are proud of
– A wordpress site that is easy to update
– Lots of customers
– A leading blog

What is a wordpress website?

A wordpress website is a cms website developed using an open source cms software called wordpress. A wordpress website cannot function without a database. A wordpress website is like a house that sits on a piece of land and the piece of land is the wordpress platform.

How does a wordpress website works

Once a wordpress website is developed, all you need to update and post new content is a password and username. You post and update content just like a word document. When done you simply click publish and your content will be live on the website. Most of the people use wordpress websites as a blog as it is the easiest platform to run a blog with ease.

Benefits of a wordpress website

– Easy to post and update content
– Fresh content helps in ranking since its easy and fast to post new content.
– A wordpress website is responsive another bonus for high ranking
– A wordpress site is easy to rank high on search engines
– A wordpress site is one size fits all –mobile, tv, desktop computers, laptops etc

Why hashtag99 wordpress website

– Because Hashtag99 is one of the major contributors in the development of the wordpress platform where wordpress website are build on.
– Hashtag99 was voted the best wordpress website development company in South Africa
– Because Hashtag99 is in the top 10 when it comes to wordpress websites development in the world
– Because Hashtag99 develops custom themes for you differentiating you from the masses
– Because Hashtag99 has developed over a thousand wordpress websites with a 99% satisfaction rate
– Because Hashtag99 develops wordpress websites that rank first on Google
– Because Hashtag99 has experienced, skilled and award winning wordpress developers

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