Website audit

Hashtag99 is one of the few seo and website auditing companies in the world. Hashtag99 is based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Seo auditing is an auditing service that checks that all the factors that boost your website ranking are implemented and in that right way. And that all the factors that affects your ranking badly are removed e.g bad neighborhood, broken links, duplicate content, black hat that results in Google penalty. Website auditing is the auditing of a site to check and correct for coding errors, removal of scripts that slows down the loading of your site. Hashtag99 also checks if the site is W3c compliant, user friendly, easy navigation, responsive etc. This results in a quality website that search engines loves to rank first.

Are you tired of:

– A fake website
– Duplicate content supplied by your website designer or copywriter
– Slow loading website
– Bad coded site
– Low ranking website
– Bad seo
– Badly optimized website
– Black hat seo

Do you want?

– Lots of traffic
– High quality website
– Error free coding
– W3c complaint website
– Best and rightly optimized website for seo
– A fast loading website
– User friendly website
– Easy and fast navigation
– A website that converts visitors into long term clients

What is a website audit?

A website audit is an audit that is carried out to check if the seo or website was done correctly and all the factors that adds value to the site were implemented. This is the checking of seo and website errors and correcting them from coding to offpage website seo optimization. You need this service after your site has been developed or designed to insure the quality of your site that protects you from fly by night and lazy seo specialists and website developers. This insures that the work that was done is quality and original not fake.

How does a website audit works

After your website and seo is done you submit it for auditing just like in accounting. After submitting Hashtag99 seo and website auditors audits your seo and website for errors and advises what needs to be done by your website developer or seo specialist. This ensures compliance and that your work is quality.

Benefits of a website audit

– Website auditing finds code errors and fixes the website coding
– Website auditing ensures that your website is W3c compliant
– Website auditing ensures that your website loads fast
– Website auditing ensures that your website is user friendly
– Website auditing ensures that your website that your website has the best, easy and fast navigation
– Seo auditing rules out bad practices that leads to Google penalties
– Seo auditing discovers black hat seo practices that are affecting your website ranking e.g duplicate content
– Seo auditing ensures that all important factors that boost your site ranking are implemented

Why hashtag99 website audit?

– Because Hashtag99 is the only seo and website auditing company in Africa
– Because Hashtag99 is ranked 4th in the world is seo and website auditing
– Because their auditing results in a boost in ranking
– Because their auditing tells if your site is fake or original
– Because their website auditing tells you whether you have been conned or not
– Because their seo audit helps you remove what is affecting your ranking and adds all that boosts your ranking