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5th Jul 2019
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5th Jul 2019

    What they wanted

    We were approached by Ecotel team. They wanted Hashtag99 to help them with below the line and gorilla marketing strategies because of their low budget.  We suggested SEO which they doubted but agreed to proceed.

    Our challenge

    Our challenge was one. Fierce competitors with monthly budgets of billions of rand. The list included Telkom, Afrihost, Axxess, Vodacom, Cell c, Mtn, 8ta,  Web Africa, Neotel, Vox etc.

    What we did

    We carried out an aggressive SEO campaign. And before they knew it. We were ranking first on almost all keywords with high conversion rate. In a way that the demand was high than their capacity and they ended up not meeting the demand. Because we had delivered 956% ROI.


    956%average monthly ROI

    Number 1 ranking keywords on

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    Note: The keywords were ranking first the day the list was published or updated. Keyword ranking changes and it is our job to keep them ranking first.

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