Online store website design from R6000

Hashtag99 is one of the best online store development and design companies based in Johannesburg, South Africa. These days whenever you want to buy anything you search online. And that alone is a reason enough why you must have an online store where you sell your products and services. Hashtag99 online store websites gives you an ability to sell physical products, services, virtual and whatever you may want to sell. Your online store does almost everything on autopilot from user registration, receiving payments, email virtual product or invoices, calculates delivery charges saving you time. Your online store is an email away.

Are you tired of:

– No sales
– No money
– Unsecure online store
– Hard to understand online store admin panel
– Having your online store ranking very far away
– Complicated payment gateway
– Difficult and time consuming manual loading products

Do you want?

– A lot of money
– A lot of sales
– Secure online store
– Easy to use admin panel
– Online store that supports Unlimited products and services
– An online store that ranks first
– Secure and cheap payment gateway.
– Automatic loading of unlimited products

What is an online store website?

Online store website is an online version of a physical store. The only difference is an online store sales products and services online(via the internet while a physical store sells products and services over the counter physically. When buying online you pay using different methods that includes paypal, eft, credit card etc and your products will be delivered on your doorstep. An online store makes money for you even when you are sleeping. Just wakeup and check your dashboard to see how much is in.

How does an online store works

This is how an online store works. A person searches for a product online using a search engine like Google. The person clicks on a site e.g your online store. He/she reads all the information on your product. If interested he/she will click a buy now button. Another online store will ask to register first while another one will accept you as a guest buyer. Then the totally amount will be shown. If you click continue the next step is for you to choose they way to pay. After you pay that’s when you receive an invoice and a confirmation of payment. Then your products will be delivered to you. That’s how an online store works.

Benefits of an online store

– An online store works for you 247
– An online store saves you money as there is no security guards and store clerks that are needed
– Your online store saves you time as it works on autopilot
– No labor costs as your online store manages all the orders, calculations, cash collecting, invoicing etc
– Online store increases your sales
– Works for you even when you are sleeping the store is open
– Automatic and accurate stock management

Why hashtag99 online store development?

– Hashtag99 designs online store websites that are user friendly
– Hashtag99’s online store site have easy to use online store admin panel
– Because Hashtag99 develops online stores that works on autopilot
– Hashtag99 develops a secure online store that keeps bad boys away from your money and collecting
– Hashtag99’s online store are seo optimized for higher ranking

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