Facebook marketing

Hashtag99 is a facebook marketing company based in Johannesburg South Africa. Hashtag99 was voted in top 10of the best facebook marketing companies in the world. They have produced results amazing results for many fortune 500 companies across the world with facebook marketing. What I like most is that their facebook marketing is guaranteed. No results, no pay.

Are you tired of:

– Manual posting on facebook
– Time consumed marketing on facebook
– No results
– No money
– Expensive traditional marketing
– Few facebook likes
– Appearing so small on facebook

Do you want?

– Lots of customers
– Lots of money
– Lots of facebook likes
– Engaging with your followers and build permanent results
– Converting followers into longtime clients
– To save money than employing an expensive facebook marketing employee with no results

What is facebook marketing?

Facebook marketing is advertising on facebook social media using free and paid ads. Advert can be in a form of content or real advert in video, text, picture format with a call to action button e.g buy now, get a quote etc

How does facebook marketing works

Under ads you post your advert, select the audience which is your target market then you choose your budget then click publish or post and your ad is running.

Benefits of facebook marketing

– Engagement with your followers
– Converting your followers into customers
– Appear big on facebook
– Increase of profits
– Lots of customers
– Lots of money

Why hashtag99 facebook marketing

– Because Hashtag99 was voted the best facebook marketing companies in South Africa
– Because Hashtag99 has skilled and experienced facebook marketing experts
– Because Hashtag99 guarantees their facebook marketing. No results no pay
– Because Hashtag99 boosts your sales as they have done with other fortune 500 companies
– Because Hashtag99 knows what works and what doesn’t