Seo company South Africa

Hashtag99 is a seo company based in Johannesburg South Africa

Are you having these problems?

*No customers
*no traffic
*website not ranking high on Google
*business not growing
*Expensive advertising materials

Do you want these?

*to rank 1st on Google
*to beat your competition
*the best company in the industry
*lots of customers
*lots of money

We have a solution for you.

Our 1st ranking Guaranteed SEO. SEO that converts.Using the law of average the more people who visits your website the more customers who will buy from you. SEO is measurable. SEO is the cheapest type of advertising. SEO is more for less

Our Guarantee

What is I loose my money? You may ask. If we do not reach 1st page ranking in 2 months you stop paying till we reach it. Using the law of average the more visitors who will see your website the more who will buy from you.

Why choose us

*because if we don’t deliver you don’t pay
*because seo is cheap as compared to print media
*because people trust organic results. Don’t you?
*because of measurable results
*because seo can increase your investment by 500%

I am in, what must I do?

1. Send us your email, keyword suggestions and company details to info(at)
2. We do a market research and website audit
3. We confirm your order
4. Deposit 40% using your company name as a reference
5. We start working on your project

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