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18th Apr 2019
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Noodles Mania app is for die hard fans of Maggi, Cup Noodles or Top Ramen. If you have a packet of these noodles, this Augmented Reality App allows you to play a fantastic noodle game. Using this application, users can just see the logo of Maggi, Cup Noodles or Top Ramen and play the game. Available for iPhone: Noodles Mania on iTunes


Maggie, top ramen and noodles can be made in a variety of forms. You can have this snack anytime you are hungry and need a quick bite. We, at Quytech, have developed a game app, Noodle mania, which you can play with anytime you need a quick entertainment. All you need is a packet of the noodles. You will love to play the games developed with the realistic and fun augmented reality tool. So, next time you are hungry for food or entertainment, you know which app you have to open up.